THE APERITIF REVOLUTION  – Thursday 7.30 pm @ QUASI MOLO, Le Bassin (Maastricht)flyer_aperitif

▶▷ The Aperitif in Italy is a rite from the beginning of last century, when it was tradition to reunite togheter with friends drinking a glass of good wine and meeting new people before dinner.

▶▷ The notion of aperitivo began in Northern Italy hundreds of years ago and came back into fashion during the 1960s. First aperitif was born in the bar called “Camparino” in Milan. In this cafe was born the original fashion aperitif that has been extended in some cities of Italy and in other cities of the world.
In the past twenty years, the aperitivo experience has been elevated to a social standard and shouldn’t be confused as a normal happy hour.

▶▷ Music and Idea System renewed the concept, Italian food and the main forms of expression togheter. Music, design, visualization photography and communication in order to create a unique event.

15 Euro (Italian dinner/aperitif and first drink included)

Send an email to or a message to +31681488730 in order to be on the exclusive list.

Check also our facebook group page:


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